Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A "Thankful" winner

I want to thank all who participated in the "What are you THANKFUL for" contest. All the entries were so great and very inspiring, but there was one that really touched my soul. This particular picture taught me to stop and realize all the choices that we actually have in our day to day lives. We all have the opportunity to become anybody or anything we want to be in this world and we couldn't do it if it weren't for those who fought for our freedom.

This photo served as a reminder of how lucky I am to live in a country that gives me the chance to enjoy life, to be with my children, to see them grow up and have the same opportunities that I have.

So Erin, thank you for inspiring me.
Here is the winning entry and her words:

I’m sure you’re getting a lot of pics from everyone. Since you know that Jonah and my husband, Shane, are everything to me… I wanted you to see something else I am VERY thankful for:

“My Family’s Freedom”

I stood directly underneath our American flag and took this shot as it was flapping in the wind.

Thanks for inspiring me to look differently through my lens.



Erin will receive a photo session and a 200.00 print credit to be used any which way she likes. Congratulations!

Again, thanks to the other 22 of you who participated in this contest. As my "Thanks" to all of you who entered and took the time to submit a photo and take time out of your everyday lives to read my journal, each one of you will receive a 15.00 iTunes gift card, because I just love music and I think all of you should too.... So, please e-mail me with your home address, and I will get those out to you right away. They are sitting on my desk just waiting to be redeemed with some funky fresh music...
Till next time....
Peace out!!!


jonahsmom said...

Dear Gina,
I have to share with you and your bloggers that I can barely see the screen through the tears in my eyes. These tears are not only due to the expressed gratitude for being the winner of your "Thankful" contest, but they are also from reading the thoughful and touching comments you made regarding my photo.
None of us have to look far to see what we are thankful for and none of it would be possible without the freedom to be who we are and what we can do. With freedom comes a price and I am very grateful for every person who is defending our country, along with those who have lost their lives fighting for it.
Gina, the direct result of you being brought into my life through a mutual friend (THANK YOU Loni) has made me realize what photography does for me and my soul. I've always dabbled in it, but now it has become something that I enjoy more than even before. Thank you again for who you are to me and all of your friends and family. I am forever "thankful." :-)

gina lee ~ said...

wow... speechless. Thanks Erin...

Daniel, Emily, Olivia, and the critters said...

What a great winner, a truly powerful picture, representing something every American should be grateful for every day. Both my sister and her husband are Marines, so I truly appreciated the symbolism; it really hit home. It was good to see that others haven't forgotten the sacrifices those serving our country make while protecting the privilege of freedom that we, as Americans, are fortunate enough to be born into. Also, thanks for the contest, Gina; it was so fun to watch Daniel explore our world through the camera lens and spread his photographic wings! The iTunes gift card is a very thoughtful gesture, and also truly appreciated! We're looking forward to our next chance to play around with the camera...