Sunday, August 28, 2011

How does YOUR garden grow? | Loma Linda Photographer

A green thumb, I certainly do not have, but watching all of these little ladies gardening and playing in the dirt did look kinda fun.

I had the pleasure to hang out with all these little gardeners for the afternoon, and document a very fun birthday party. I never knew soil, mud and worms could be so YUMMY!!!
Enjoy.. :)

Gardening can also be yummy!!!!

I loved this cake.. so creative...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jenny... | Redlands Photographer

How many ways can I say "I love this girl"?.. I have no idea.. But I keep finding ways... :)

Jenny started as my intern and is still doing amazing things with me, but she has come such a long way that she is now venturing off on her own and spreading her wings... She is now in her senior year of high school, ASB president, and a awesome photographer among many other things... I am so, so proud of this girl in so many ways...

Jenny, whatever you do in your life, you are going to be amazing at it.. I am so proud.. :)

Rock your gorgeous hair, girlfriend.. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Pinkilicious Galore | Redlands Photographer

Well, if turning the big "40" sucks, I sure would be a happy camper if my party looked anything like this.. :)

My dear friend Amy just joined the "40" club, and she celebrated only like a princess could... With a pinkilicios party.. :)

Enjoy !

only Amy would have 2 huge dessert tables.. lol..
of course she had her famous signature drinks in her honor.. The Mayorita & the Amytini
Jello seems to taste so much better when you are older too. Ooh... The perks!!!
Her guests arrived on the pink carpet... Wow!!!
and what better way to capture all your guests?.. In a Crazy photo booth of course... :) Here are just a few from the evening.. :)

Happy 40th Amy!! we love you and wish you many, many more happy years just like this..

A big thank you goes out to all her friends and family who made it such a fabulous event... :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Swoon | Redlands Photographer

Meet Loma Linda's newest resident, Mr. Jacob Matthew! pretty cute huh!!! I knew he would be... When I photographed all three of them here, I was so looking forward to the day I could finally meet this lil' guy and hold him tight... aaaah!... I loved every second of it and our afternoon play date... :)

Double the fun! | Los Angeles Photographer

I am having so much fun with these itty bitty twins.. :) The last time I photographed them, they were this new, :) now they are a wee bit bigger and ready to tear up the 405 with their swanky convertibles and killer eyes... :) Zoom Zoom!!!!