Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace out 2009...

Peace out 2009.... It has been a fabulous one!
and many thanks to all of you who made it just that!!!!

Happy New Year 2010!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

oh! Bloggity Blog....

There is so much to catch up on and so little time... If it wasn't for this fun thing called Facebook and Twitter and Oh, TMZ... I would totally be caught up... But I will be much better in 2010.... Hopefully with my new blog, I will be better... :) Yes, oh yes.. I have a new look coming... I am so excited.. I will launch sometime in the 1st quarter. Keep your fingers crossed with me please... :)

But in the mean time, I have been working hard over here and I have so much to share with a few surprises... :)

Here's a little peek of some shoots that will appear on the on the blog soon.. Promise... :)

I have plenty of images to share that were taken over our Christmas Holiday

and of course, Christmas Morning.... Hamster's included... :)

a couple of fun family sessions

and a very cool shoot with Petunia Pickle Bottom

a very, very cute birthday party...

and my true loves.. must post these... :)

another fun family session with awesomesauce and her family.... I gave you a sneak peek of the video, but I would love to share the photos as well.. :)

a very cool senior session

a session of documenting something very amazing with these amazing people...

and a very fun party with the amazing Jennifer Sbranti of Hostess of the Mostess... :)

Okay, that is allot to blog.. I better get started..... Come back soon... :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Giving is Awesome.....

so awesome.... :)
Thank you to all who sent in their nominations for the Giving is awesome event... You are all so blessed and pretty darn awesome yourself.......
When I read the following letter, I knew this family was deserving of so much more, but here is the letter I received from Malissa in her own words...

Hello Gina,

I have been admiring your work for a while. I found your site through the Matt Logelin site. I am writing you today about your post "Giving is Awesome". I wanted to tell you about the Tanner Family. Parents Elizabeth and Mark had 4 children. About 4 years ago their 2 year old son became ill one night and they rushed him to the hospital. He passed away at the hospital that night due to an undiagnosed heart condition. Their youngest child Aaron is now very ill with a heart condition and is currently waiting for a heart and kidney transplant. Elizabeth and Aaron are now living in Westwood (they have to be close to UCLA) and waiting for the call to come that Aaron has received organs. Mark and the two older kids visit on weekends and stay longer during school breaks and holidays. As a result of these situations Mark lost a good paying job and Elizabeth can no longer work. Mark recently took a lower paying job but the family is still in the process of losing their home. I know Elizabeth cherishes photos and I'm sure a new family photo would bring joy to her when she is feeling down. The Tanners are a wonderful family who have not lost hope or faith in spite of facing so many hardships. More information on the Tanner Family can be seen here Thank you for your consideration.


Merry Christmas Tanner family, and Congratulations... I am looking forward to meeting you.....
Malissa.. You are so awesome.. Thank you for your nomination... ")


Friday, December 18, 2009

Just having some fun....

it's us again.... in the cameras.. :)

getting a big one of these blown up for the hallway... :0

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creating new family traditions.. :)

It's the season to give and Chris and I decided "Hey, let's do some fun giveaways on our facebook accounts".... We came up with a small contest and the winning family would receive a session with pictures .. :), a video to document the day and a fresh live Christmas tree.... Oh, we knew this would be fun... :)

and the winner was.....
Meet the Negrete Family....

we started our afternoon with some fun family portraits... :)

then onto the picking... :)

Flocked or Green? which child gets to pick? Hmmmmmmm... a game of rock, paper scissors did the trick.. :)

Madison wins this year.... A flocked it is.. Beautiful!

Big thank you to Onward Films for capturing the start of some new traditions in The Negrete home.. :)

Thank you Negrete Family for a awesome day and a big, big "Thank You" To Live Oak Canyon Christmas Tree Farm for donating this beautiful flocked Tree to this so deserving family... We appreciate it so much... :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa really is Cool!!!!! :)

A big thank you goes out to all the families that came out for this event...

Throughout this year, I have had the most awesome clients and I appreciate every single one of you... ;) you have helped me, trusted me and supported me along the way , this was my small way of saying "Thank You"... :)

I know Santa could be a little overwhelming and maybe even a bit frightening for some kids... I wanted to create a experience where they could experience The Jolly ol' guy and not feel so frightened and rushed...... Talk to him.. Share with him, play with him, but most of all....... Have fun with him... I hope we created something special for your little ones... Enjoy!!!!

Santa Rocks! from onward films on Vimeo.

again, huge thank you's To Chris Lee (aka) my handsome husband for capturing some of the beauty there is in the Christmas Spirit.... Thank you so much!!!!

Here's a mini peek of our day!!!! :)

Thank you to all my friends who helped me with this event.. Amy, Patty, Bob, Nicole, and Jenny...! You all rock!!!! I could have never done it without all of your help... Muah!!!! Thank you!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Santa, Baby!!!!!

Oh Santa, I wanted to pack her up and take her home too... :) Much more Santa pics to come.... FUN! FUN! FUN!

Meet Miss Personality.... :)

oops, I meant to say personalities.... :) Wow.. I had so much fun on this session.. It is so awesome when I get to photograph a beautiful family, but to go along with with that... I get to capture all their different personalities to go with those beautiful faces.... Awesome... :)

Here is a sneak peek of a family that had all that, and more.... :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's the Lee's.... (hey, that's us)... :)

These people look familiar... hey, It's Us!!!!! Really!!!! :)

I can not thank Joanne enough for these awesome memories she created for me and my family... and I hope a Thank you will be suffice, because she have given us a gift we will cherish forever... Thank you friend... :) you Rock!!!

and here we are.. :)