Monday, July 27, 2009

Wanted: One Funk'ilicious Gal... :)

Wanna come out and "Get Tha' Funk Out"? Well, alrighty then... Here is your chance to join 19 other fabulous ladies for an all inclusive workshop designed just for women to be inspired, motivated and get defunk'dified.. :)

We have re-opened registration due to one cancellation due to personal reasons... So, if you are still interested, visit our GTFO blog for more details... CLICK HERE.. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

sweeeet! :)

fo' real.. no way... ;) yes way!!.. Ha... It was so nice to see Tisha Campbell-Martin's baby shower featured in the latest issue of People magazine and also a featured exclusive on Click here to read more, and here as well... ;)

Thank you guys for all your e-mails and notes... I know some of you had seen it before I had even picked up the latest issue... coolness to all of you.. ;)
Happy Weekend...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boy, Oh Boy!

What an honor it was to document such a beautiful baby shower... The food, the decor and all the happiness, WOW!!!! The guest of honor, Tisha Campbell-Martin and husband Duane Martin will be welcoming their 2nd boy in the early fall, and she celebrated this joyous occassion with her family and friends in this French Circus inspired theme.

Here is just a small peek of our afternoon.. Enjoy!

A special thank you to these talented ladies, Jayneoni Moore, Jennifer Sbranti with Hostess of the Mostess and Marley Majher with The party goddess for designing such a beautiful shower for Tisha... :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mentoring 101 and 1/2

When I am asked to mentor another photographer, I get all giddy... Not just because they are asking, but because I actually love, love to talk shop with other tog's...

I certainly do not have all the answers, nor do I claim to have all of them, but what I can show them is the way I do things around here behind the scenes.. From the start of a session to the end... ya' know, the quirky ways of Gina Lee.. ;)

I had a fun mentoring session with Kristen Lanoye from Kaptured By Kristen Photography... She is a great photographer and well on her way to making it a full time business... Fo' shizzle... ;) Go Kristen! Go Kristen!.. okay.. I'm a nerd...

I am so excited about seeing Kristen again in our Get Tha' Funk out workshop coming up...

Thanks Kristen.. I had a blast.. and look forward to all your successes... ;) you are rock'n it girl... ;)

Thank you Miss Lily for being our model for the are simply beautiful.. ;)

Here are just a few from our afternoon.. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a very fun beach session.....

When you have 5 beautiful little girls, candy galore and one beach pier... I knew it was going to be a fun afternoon... :)

Vickie Love Greenlee is about to launch her new website, and commissioned me to photograph her new line of scarves. When we talked about what she was looking for, I knew instantly I wanted to do this... :)

Here is a sneak peek of our afternoon... Enjoy!!!!

ONWARD FILMS | Children in Motion (Part 2) from onward films on Vimeo.

and it was really fun to see and photograph Miss Estela again... ;)

and a big thank you to Joanne for helping me second shoot this session.. You are much appreciated for your hard work and your awesome talent.. ;) Thank you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet the Quanbeck's ;)

and meet the two little Quanbeck's... John and Ella...

John insisted the man with the yellow hat was somewhere in the bushes, or in the trees, or around the corner...Or..... ;)

We made every attempt to find him, but with no luck. We did get some fun family portraits in the meantime.. ;) Thanks John for our little journey together...I am sure he was waiting for you when you arrived home.. :)

and Ella was pretty content just watching her brother search for the Man... Ha....
I had a blast guys... thanks for the fun adventure, and hope to do it again real soon.. ;)

And a big thank you to Daniel Elgan for coming along and second shooting with me and helping me TRY to find the man with the yellow hat.. :)