Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's "Get Tha' Funk Out" !

We are so ready to "Get our funk out" ! How about you? We only have 2 more seats left for our upcoming Sept. 18th workshop, and we would love for you to join us on "the farm" as we do just that!
CLICK HERE for more details and registration. :)

Here is a brief summary of what is in store for the day:

A 1 day experience of finding inspiration, passion and also finding time to manage a successful career while keeping balance in your life and family.
Marketing and branding tips that work
Organization tips that make your business run smooth
Shooting techniques
Photoshop techniques
Interaction with clients
Managing workflow
Pricing strategies
Real life photo shoots with models
Q and A time
A ton of yummy food ( all meals included)
Oh yeah…. and fun special giveaways from some of our favorite vendors and sponsors.

Can't wait to have you join us... See you on "the farm"!

- Gina

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Santa Monica Photographer: Fun in the sun...

It was so fun hanging out with The Forchelli Family on a lovely Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica... :)

They have a beautiful new addition to their family since I photographed them last.. Meet Nate's li'l sister, Mia... Adorable, I know... She was so full of laughs and would pretty much have that beautiful smile during our whole session... a photographers' dream come true without even prompting... Ha!!! and Nate just wanted to run around and soak in all there was... who could blame him... you have the sweets, the games, the beach... It was all good... :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Twenty Years later...............

and we all meet we again... :)

I just celebrated my 20th High school reunion... and I will say, I was a bit nervous seeing everybody... can you blame me?.. It's only been like twenty years... Yikes... But so, so excited at the same time... ;)

now, now.. I know we have the ever so popular facebook, and I have caught up with many former classmates there, but something about seeing everybody in person and making a in person connection beats any Fb status ever.. :)

Everybody looked so awesome.. and some, well, quite ageless! a little jealous here..... How did they do that? seriously, How do people look exactly the same, if not better... 20 years later?... just minus the z. cavaricci's, the smell of Drakkar, the hard aqua net big hair, and the local motion decals :) I need to get my hands on that serum.. :)

To all my friends that were there... It was so fun seeing you again after all these years. It was fun chatting about the gool ol' days, and friends that did not make it.. we missed you and wish you were there.. :)
I hope we can stay connected and continue to meet every once in a while.. :)

Here is a little bit of fun from our very own photo booth.

Jenny, thank you so much for all your amazing talent.... we could not have these memories without you.... Big hugs!

CLICK HERE to see more of the FUN!!!!!!

To Shariem, Elena, Amy, Alice, Jenny, Vic, Scott and Andrea.... Thank you so much for all your hard work! what a successful night it was because of you... :)
and to my amazing husband Chris, for all your help throughout the evening.... Thank you, Thank you!!!! I love you so much!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We went to the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans...

But I am still trying to get caught up... I will post more on our NYC trip soon... :) good times...

So here are some images I took the other day on the pacific ocean with my iphone... I love that little gadget... :)

more of the bump...

I know I have said this before, and I'll say it again.. But there is just something about a new mother to be with a beautiful bump and her glowing skin.. aaaaaaaaaah!
Ann, you are just beautiful and I am so honored to document such a special time in your life... Many blessings to you and Richard.. You guys rock and so fun to be around, your baby is one lucky fella" :)
told ya'.. Beautiful......

and beautiful again... :)

we did a mini session at the house, but we will keep those private or for Richard's eyes only.. wink!wink! ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a pretty bump.....

coming soon... :)

Fun in the OC.... :)

Jaidean and her family came ALL the way from Washington JUST TO SEE ME... Ha!!!! Nah!!! just kidding... But it was fun just to type that out.. :)
They actually came out for a Southern Californina adventure.. Taking in Sea World, the beautiful beaches, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and I'm sure so much more... :) I actually live in California and I think I need to do one of her vacations here too.. ;)

But she did make time to see me... :) Jaidean is also a children's photographer, an incredible talented photographer at that... I was quite nervous to take her pics... squeeeeeel!!!! could you tell Jaidean? ha... But, I think it is important for us photographers to get in front of the camera every now and then with our own families.. I made a point to do it last year and so glad I did... Hoping all you moms with cameras do the same... :)

I think we get so caught up because of our jobs, our kids and taking other peoples pics, that we forget to get in "front" of the camera and create our own memories... So, do will be so glad you did.. :)

Jaidean, it was so great to see you again and meet your beautiful family... Glad you had an awesome time here in Sunny So. Cal... ;) Come back soon!!! :)