Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 30th Matt...

It's Matthew's birthday today. Matthew is my little brother . He would of celebrated his 30th today, and I miss him dearly. He passed away when he was just 18 years old. :)

There were 5 kids in all who passed that same morning. Imagine going to 5 funerals in one week and one being your youngest sibling? Strike that, don't imagine that.. Because that's not a fun thought. But that was our scenario, and one I'll never forget..

I don't write much about this sadness. Who likes to? I enjoy talking about the good feel stuff and especially love photographing the good feel stuff.. Like the celebrations of birthdays, events and the celebration of life. You know. Happy moments of our life.. So here I am writing..

But recently I have been photographing some of Matt's friends from school. They are starting families of their own and or about to. At this time in life, I wonder what Matt would be doing at this time in his life.

Would he have married his high school sweetheart? Would he have started a family with a few lil' Matt's running around? And maybe a dog named PLUR. What would his career choice have been? So many wonders.

I know he would have been awesome at whatever he would of done.. That, I am sure of... ;) and know he would of made the best uncle ever to my kiddos.

As much time goes by, there are never any certain ways to grieve. You just do the best you can.
Your grieve the hardest at the beginning and it changes over time certainly, but the heart still feels the same.. Loss.

I miss him just the same as I did 12 years ago and love him just the same. I know he is watching over us. I do believe his spirit is within me and my family, and I know I will meet up with him one day... And that is how I will celebrate his life and his birthday. Remembering the happy moments.

Enjoy your big 30 brother.
Happy Birthday Matt.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fresh... | Redlands Photographer

Can the look of new motherhood be any more beautiful? I think not... Wowza :)

John and Lauron... Congratulations to both of you on your new bundle of love.. What an honor it was to spend the afternoon with you all.... :) guy talk.... :)
the handshake.. word!
now this is freshness... :)

you two are so blessed... :)

Featured: Thanking you BIG, Little Bit magazine... | Redlands Photographer

What an honor to be featured in the is new magazine that just launched...

Little bit magazine is a new publication that will definitely inspire some great ideas for home decor for kids, fashion, parties and fun.. :) Go on over, browse the magazine and become a fan...
Thank you Little bit magazine for the features and cheers to all your successes.. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gone' camping... | Redlands Photographer

We went camping for Madeleine's 8th birthday, and she invited all her favorite girlfriends over for some s'mores and fun.. and FUN it was.. even if it was just in our front yard.. :)

Happy Birthday my love and enjoy your 8th year here on this planet.. You have brought us so much joy and we are so honored to be your parents... :)

Campsites were all in tact... 5 6 11 Hmmmm. That is somebody's birthday.. :)

adorable clips for all the girls' hair, right? Thank you to Handmade Clippy Clips for these fabulous camping designs...
bingo, bingo...
we went on a nature hike and gathered leaves, flowers to make pretty bracelets made out of duct tape..
ate some grub...
and more grub...
and more grub.. I mean sweets... :)
and lots of them..

yummy!!! Ryder, the only boy allowed into this "Girls Only" campout.. He had the special code, I guess... those dimples got them every time.. :)
then ate some more sugar to get hyped for the dance off...
and watched a outdoor movie...
and grab bags for all the girls.. :) Thank you Handmade clippy clips , Lubies over at Lubie Land, and of course.. OTC.. :)
and thank you to Nellie Designs who did all of the printable's here for Madeleine's campout... :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing Our "Little Rascals"

Not quite old enough to remember this era, but old enough to know I have loved the little rascals as young as I can remember...

and so I am inspired by a thought in my head, a little flicker of a lightbulb goes on. and here we are.. :)

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do. :)

A must watch video, this will take you back in time for sure...Big thank you to my husband Chris of Onward Films who captured all their smiles and all the fun as this play date unfolded.. :)


Our Gang...
Spanky says.. "Oh brother".. :)
show me the high sign... :)
meee meee meeeeeee.... I'm the Barber of Seville...

taking the pledge...
Spanky not thrilled that Alfalfa brought a girl into the he-man woman haters club.. :)

need a lift boys?

out of gas? PUSH!!!


and of course this could not of happened without the help of so many people invloved...
My awesome, awesome Father, I had a vision in my head and he saw it and helped me out so much.. He pretty much set the stage for us and welcomed all of us into his home... and he built the most amazing go-Kart ever.. The kids never wanted to get off of it... :)

To all the parents of these Little Rascals, for giving up their time for me so I can create something wonderful... Thank you, Thank you...
To my cousin Felicia, who was the needle and thread behind Darla's adorable attire.. pretty cute huh.. :)
To my awesome husband, who helped me through it all... I love you soooo much...

and the biggest thanks of course goes to our very Own Little Rascals themselves... Will (Alfalfa), Ruby (Buckwheat), Gianna (Darla) and my boy Ryder (Spanky)
I love these kids, and they were such troopers through it all.. They really just thought they were on one big play date.... AWESOME!!!!! :)