Saturday, December 22, 2007


So, I just finished up my last session for the year 2007 and I am now officially on vacation till the new year. SWEET...but now what do I blog about... Oh Yeah.. me...J/K
Although, I will not have any sessions till the new year, I have many things that are happening in my personal life.. I have met so many wonderful people that I want to blog about and an awesome polar express party that I am for sure going to talk about and other fun videos to post as well, so stay tuned..

P.S If anyone is looking for something to give that special person or family. I do offer gift certificates. So, please call if you are interested. They come in any denomination you like, a really cool envelope, and they get to spend time with your's truly :)...C'mon.. How much more perfect can it get?...:) wink..wink..

till next time..

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