Friday, December 28, 2007

New friends......

One night, during one of our busy nights doing the light show, a really cool couple came by, Jeff and Lisa. They just loved the light show so much and were so gracious, they invited our family to their Christmas party. I thought Ok, Saturday night, light show, directing traffic or party???. Decision made.. Party it was. Well, this was no ordinary Christmas party. It was the coolest Polar Express Christmas party I had ever seen. Jeff and Lisa are big Disney fans, and they did not miss a beat when it came down to the finest details. When we arrived, there was a small train to pick us up in the front yard of their house. Jeff designed and made the train himself. There was enough room to hold 3 adults and 3 children on each trip. The train departed and led you into the backyard that was all decked out to make you feel you were arriving at Disneyland on the main station depot on Main St. It was an exact replica of the Main St train station. And even the the jolly twosome came in for a visit. Remarkable.. I will tell you, it was not just a party, it was an experience. It was the feeling when you see something for the first time and you just can not believe your eyes experience. Yes, really... The detail that went into such an event. I wish I had some cool pictures to show, but as you all know with two little ones to watch near a very cold pool, my camera did not pop up too much. I did manage to take one of Jeff on his locomotive. Thanks Jeff and Lisa. Thank you for inviting us (total strangers) in to share your enthusiasm and talent during the holiday. Your party was amazing and we will never forget.

Ok, well there was another family we had met during out light show, Dave, Bonnie and Martie. They came and went, but did not go too far. They had a flat tire on the way out that night.. A very cold night. So, I asked them if they wanted to come inside our home as they waited for AAA, they were a little hesitant at first, but knowing they had about an hour wait. They decide to take me up on my offer. My warm home was hard to refuse. Madeleine and I made them hot chocolate to warm them up a bit, and they were very gracious with the small gesture... Well we were on the second hour of waiting and still no sign of AAA. During this whole time, I came to get to know Dave, Bonnie and Marti. What a nice family. They pretty much have traveled all over the world and I had a chance to hear about some of their travels. Very exciting. It was one of the funnest times I had at home with complete strangers. And we had plenty of laughs..Well, AAA never came and Chris ended up changing the tire himself.. a few days later, I get a Christmas card from Dave, Bonnie and Martie. Thank you so much... It was a pleasure meeting the three of you and I hope our lives do cross paths again.

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Daniel, Emily, Olivia, and the critters said...

What a lucky opportunity to get to attend the "Polar Express" party! I bet Madeleine and Ryder loved it...and it sounds like you did, too! It is so cool and inspiring to hear of parties with great us ideas on what we can do with Olivia as she gets older!