Monday, March 21, 2011

A Galactic party... A Star Wars Adventure... {Redlands Photographer}

for my very own 5 year old Ryder... :)
first, the wiggles, then mickey mouse, then the love of trains... now you have grown into a true Jedi.. Time has flown by so fast, but I have enjoyed every minute with you my love... Can't wait to see what else you will fall in love with next.. ;)

Well, by the looks of it, you can probably tell he loves Legos and he loves Star Wars at this moment in time... so putting the two together was just a must for his 5th birthday party... :)

Here are some of the details, then it's on to the smiling faces who mattered the most... Ryder and all his Jedi friends and family... :)

drinks for all Jedi's and Princesses of all ages.. ;)

aaaw Yoda!!!!

use the force Princess Emma.. You will win.. :)

In the Ewok village...
young Jedi's at training camp...
every galactic party needs a Handsome Darth.. ;)

Beautiful Princess Madeleine...
young princesses in training as well...

It's not the size that matters girls'.. It's the force...

and many special thanks to My awesome friend Nicole who made this amazing AT-AT cake... wow.. she blew us all away.. and of course her amazing cookies are a hit every time.. ;) Thank you friend... You are pretty amazing..

and goodie bags filled with more candy, lego crayons, stickers, foam light sabers to take home and other fun goodies and treats to have fun with at home.. :)

I think I have a pretty awesome family.... and so lucky to have Darth Vader (AKA my awesome husband, Chris) on my good side as my forever... Love you Ryder.. and Happy 5th Birthday to you my love.. :)

and of course, I could not have done all this with the help of my family and friends who all helped out with this party... Thank you, Thank you!!! and a special thanks to my Twitter and Facebook friends who sent me so many suggestions and ideas to do this party... wow!!! I would have never know there was so many fun ideas out there for this theme... and of course the www where I searched for many ideas.. Here are a couple fun parties that really stuck out to me. This party by Justjennrecipes and The Blackberry Vine post.. Good stuff... and so many images on the web to give inspiration... and of course the this star wars cookbook that I borrowed from my friend Nicole... wow!

Love you Ryder... :) all for my baby boy.. :)
May the force ALWAYS be with you!!!

Love, Mom

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

holy macro.... {Redlands Photographer}

Just playing with my macro lens... wowza... talk about getting your close up.. Wowza!!!
and special tribute to Ryder's homemade bird feeder... a pine cone, a lil' bit of peanut butter and some seed for the birds... aaaah!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's be photographed... {Redlands Photographer}

We all want photographs of our family right?.. even photographers want photographs.. but we spend the majority of the time behind the camera and rarely in front of it.. and the photographer (meaning you, me.. us) has tons of pics of our own kiddos, but rarely of us in front with them...

Well, I could just be talking about me.. Maybe you.. but my point... Moms, Moms with cameras, photographers & image makers.. get in front of the camera.. you will be so glad you did.. these images are for our future generations to come... so our children can look back on these images and remember us and share us...

I think I really just wrote this post for me.. ha!!!.. But I'm so looking forward to getting in front of the camera with my very own family session soon, and taking my own advice... woo hooooo... :)

In the mean time, here are a few images of my photographer friend who stepped in front of the camera herself with her own loveable family.. ;) Enjoy!!!