Monday, November 12, 2007

The Carnival Masquerade

This was a first for me..."B" called wanting to know if I would like to shoot her girls birthday party. I thought .... Well. I have never photographed a kids birthday party before besides my own children's parties. But kids, parties, good food... Hmm, How could I refuse an invite like that... All of my favorite things.
First, the girls mom is just like me when it comes to parties....although she has me beat by a year or two... I like to plan a year in advance for my kids birthday parties, I have the theme set, decor is all in my head, guest list already on paper, websites visited and then the hunt begins.. But "B" has me beat by a long shot. :). Yikes... We know as the un-official party planner moms that we are, that it is all in the details. DETAILS...DETAILS... DETAILS... Well, here are some shots of the day. The Masquerade carnival and all the glorious details.

On site videographer.. (Grandma)

The birthday girls..

The guest's

great food..

a super duper cool agent about to solve the crime of the missing doll...

Let the magic begin....


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