Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Creating new family traditions.. :)

It's the season to give and Chris and I decided "Hey, let's do some fun giveaways on our facebook accounts".... We came up with a small contest and the winning family would receive a session with pictures .. :), a video to document the day and a fresh live Christmas tree.... Oh, we knew this would be fun... :)

and the winner was.....
Meet the Negrete Family....

we started our afternoon with some fun family portraits... :)

then onto the picking... :)

Flocked or Green? which child gets to pick? Hmmmmmmm... a game of rock, paper scissors did the trick.. :)

Madison wins this year.... A flocked it is.. Beautiful!

Big thank you to Onward Films for capturing the start of some new traditions in The Negrete home.. :)

Thank you Negrete Family for a awesome day and a big, big "Thank You" To Live Oak Canyon Christmas Tree Farm for donating this beautiful flocked Tree to this so deserving family... We appreciate it so much... :)

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Letti said...

So cool Gina. I love how it is all documented too.