Monday, December 8, 2008

Mr. Jared himself....

The "all American athlete"... yup.. and he is only 5....I told him he better get me tickets to the world cup, world series or the Superbowl... because he will be in one of those folks...:)

this session was so fun!.. because like many firsts, I never played a sport while taking pictures at the same time... yeah!.. That is me pitching the ball and kicking the ball his way.. yes indeed!... Not very good at it, but it was sure fun...I was just praying these balls did not land in my mouth or my lens, because he's good... ;)

Enjoy a sneak peek of Jared's 5Th birthday session...;)



Letti said...

Great shots. I love the sports theme too. That would be my oldest to a T.

Kristen said...

Super cute!! Yeah I totally couldn't play a sport and shoot at the same time - I tried to pick up Abby with my camera on my arm last night and I cracked her in the head with it - sports would surely be catastrophic :P

Anonymous said... made me smile this A.M.
Mr. Jared is soooooooo cute:)
You are the best!
Patti (P.J.'s Mommy)

carmen said...

Great shots!! I really love these. You are so creative!

Christopher Lee said...

Just a comment to say I LOVE YOU (and your beautiful shots)--in that order.