Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last and final task....

for Contest 2008... Ok...Task 4

Take a picture of yourself doing something you have never done before. Pretty easy huh! Well, I know I have been wanting to do many things this year that I have never done before, but now I have only 12 days to do it. Maybe a little more pressure to do it, but it will mark one more thing off my list to do in 2008. Yippee... and I think if we all set more goals and deadlines for ourselves in the future, we will be able to accomplish a little more than we thought we could a little faster.

It is all about starting the year off right, right? What better time to do this than now... Ha! Well, I have given you all 4 tasks and I sure hope you are having fun with all of them. This contest is meant to be fun, but at the same time, I hope you feel a little bit inspired to do many more things this coming year than you may have never thought of before, or just kind of put on the back burner--I know I have.

For me, I know if I write it down and tell the rest of the world what my goals are, I feel like I will be more accountable for them. I am excited to show you my entry and am so excited to see all of yours.

If you are now just reading this, please feel free to browse below for all tasks and enter the contest. It is still not too late. Deadline for Contest 2008 is Jan 26th midnight. All entries can be submitted to Please make sure you include all 4 tasks and your phone #.

Stay tuned for new things that are going to be launched for Gina Lee Photography. I am so excited....


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