Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Contest 2008 update....

Alright fun people out there! Below you will find task #2 for Contest 2008. Get those creative minds rolling because this will take some imagination on your part, but it will be so much fun.

Task 2:
What’s your story? This is the task where you tell us about the short film you would like to see your child (or children) star in. Be descriptive. Be creative. Tell us what your blockbuster short film is all about, and then snap a cool picture of your main stars. (Creativity gets bonus points) ;) Check back in a couple days for task #3
Good luck. All tasks and entries are due by Jan 26th midnight.Don't forget there is a extra super cool bonus gift to the winner.

note: read below if you are now just joining in. It is not to late to join in on the fun....Contest 2008

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