Saturday, January 5, 2008

hi there....

I am having some server and e-mail issues,so please bare with me as I try to resolve these issues. And my first session of 2008 looks like it is going to be rained out. BOO! HOO!... I am so sad. But, in the meantime. Onward films and myself will be announcing the contest rules for the first contest of 2008 and all the fun stuff that goes along with it this weekend, so stay tuned for that.
Oh! one more thing... Can anyone help me with the pacifier issue? We are try to wean my little guy off the paci, but as you can see, not working. Any tips, suggestions are welcome. Thanks! :)
Have a nice weekend.


JonahsMom said...

Oh boy, I'm so glad to see we're not the only ones having "binky" issues. :-) The biggest factor for us is Jonah's teeth. He loves only one brand name of pacifier (the Soothie). As he's grown, so has his overbite. The binky has changed his pallet and I'm afraid to say that if we don't stop soon, braces will be in our future. I have been reasured from our dentist that we have nothing to worry about... until his adult teeth come in. Once the adult teeth come in, there will be no way of changing the position of his teeth except for braces. So we need to do something about it soon.
Things that have been suggested to us is cutting off the end of the binky, or just cutting him off "cold turkey." We have managed to get him to fall asleep without it at naptime and at bedtime, but by the time 2am comes around, he's crying hysterically for it... and at that time of the morning, I fall back into the "binky trap" completely.
If there is anyone else with other suggestions, please bring them on... we're in desparation mode! :-)
Bye for now, Erin

gina lee ~ said...

Erin, I think the hard part is really tring to stand my ground. But when he whines for it, I just want to give in . Maybe it is laziness on my part. But I better get with it. Someone had e-mailed me to cut the tip off. I am going to try that this weekend. I will keep you posted... Thanks for the response.