Friday, January 14, 2011

A really lovely trio... {Redlands Photographer}

How I love this family, and I have only spent one afternoon with them. You know when you get that vibe where it just clicks?.. Well, it clicked.. I felt like I can totally hang out with this family on any other occasion now.. :) .. and thats a great feeling when I have clients like these.. ;)

and then I get this email a day after our session, not having seen one picture that I'd had taken yet...Wow!
I was moved... :)
See, we both felt that vibe... :)

Thank you Alx.. :)

Good morning!! I just wanted to take the time to thank u from the bottom of my heart yesterday was a very special day for us I have been waiting 7 years to be able to take family pictures!! I know a lot of your customers probably love the experience of taking family pictures & thank you but I have to say that the couples that go through what ray & I went through to have Kahrissa see it beyond just taking pictures it's an experience that just not anyone can capture I feel so blessed to have found you because I knew from not only your profolio but by your bio- & your blog the way you speak/write about your kids is what touched my heart, we come from a family that strongly believes in feeling vibes with people or should i say have that gift to be able to feel when people are really good people & yesterday when we met u the minute I seen you I felt that warmth in my heart right away & when kahrissa seen you that was the icing on my cake!! My husband doesn't say much so when he does it's BIG!! & he even said he felt like he knew u forever!! I can't thank you enough I wish I was rich so I can pay you double but even than money couldn't pay you enough for the amazing talent/spirt you have to be able to make someone feel the way you do I wish you much success & I pray that the GOOD LORD gives you good health & strength to be able to do this for as long as you can, your family is very lucky/blessed to have you as their mother & wife! Thank you once again, Take care Have a great new years!! Can't wait to see our pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Rodriguez family

I love photographing beautiful people from the inside and out.. :)

Meet the Rodriguez family...


Denisha said...

Darling family, great photographer!

Family, Faces, & Food said...

Beautiful! You are SO good at capturing emotion. I wish you could osmosis-ize that over to me in Arizona :)

jen howell said...

So wonderful! What an adorable family. Loving the light!

Letti said...

What a sweet letter. You touch so many people Gina. It's no coincedence that you are a photographer.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I love the way she captues the light. Totally timeless! And what a beautiful family! I love the ones with Kahrissa by the tire!

~gina lee said...

aw, thanks friends.. :) they truly are a lovely family.. :)