Thursday, January 27, 2011

Groovy party, Groovy time! {Redlands Photographer}

I had a groovy time at this psychedelic party... Disco balls, twister, Jellotini's. Awesome!!!

Thank you to the Wagner family and sweet Miss Caroline for a groovey time... :)
and with the help of Nancy & Barbara Rozema at Party Plus... this party was amazing.. :)

I loved the ornaments....

A sweet outfit for each girl attending the party.


Jellotinis.. Yum!!!

slug bug! Another awesome cake by Let Them Eat Cake

Peace out friends! Hope you the party.. ;)


Corey Sewell said...

Wow!! What an incredible party - and I love how you captured everything!

Shannon Sewell said...

oh gosh- i love this!!! what a great story of images... those drawings are perfection :)