Monday, October 12, 2009

Love red head's.. :)

There is just something about a little red headed girl... I love it... :)

Big brother and sister joined in a little bit of the action too.. :)

and then just goofing off.. How fun!!!


Meg Sexton Photography said...

So cute! I love the rain boots.

{Katie Lane} said...

I love red head's too, the first picture is amazing!

Ama said...

I love your work...I love Red Heads too...You photographed my G daughter at a photo shoot in L A about a month ago. Janeoni Moore New York. Her name is Rylee. Remember the Red Head with long hair? I hope to see a pic down the road some day! My daughter said Rylee loved you!! Keep up the nice work!! BTW your daughter is adorable! Judi. Ps...Ama is my google name for my daughter's blog... :)