Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iphonetography... :)

Welcome to my new little hobby, {iphonetography}... Ever since I purchased the iphone, I have this crazy addiction to it... Most of the time I use it as my P&S camera... Well, besides that other Twitter and Facebook addiction I have.. Ha!!!!

It does a pretty great job, and I have printed out some pictures from it and they came out pretty amazing, considering they are just from a camera phone...

So, I just wanted to share a little bit of the pictures I have taken... There are about 1000+ more images, but I thought that would have been a little overkill.. :) ha!
But if you would like to take a peek at more, you can go here and here... :)

in a car wash.... see!... addicted.. :)

and the other amazing feature it has.. the Video... Love it.. take a look at what my husband created in early Spring with this little phone.. :)

iPhone Attached to a Glidecam from onward films on Vimeo.

Here are all the current apps I use to edit all these images in camera phone.
Best camera
Cinema FX
Camera bag
Mill colour
PS mobile.. all available through itunes in the apple store.
Have fun....


Couture Parties said...

These photos prove it is the person taking the photos and the execution then the equipment! Great job!

Letti said...

I just got the iPhone so this is very helpful. It might take me a few months but I want to try to learn. Great pictures Gina.

Mark Leonard said...

One of these days we're going to run into each other shooting in Redlands. I can't wait.

Googies Girl said...

Simply amazing!!!!!!!!