Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bff's (forever)... :)

Miss Miss "M" and her pal Minnie... :)

I think for all animals, especially dogs.. It has to be tough when a new little loved one comes into town... Minnie was use to getting all the attention...all the love... But now, it has to be shared... aaaah!

I think Minnie was doing great considering all the attention on Miss "M" for our early morning session... A little for her and a little for me... Yes!!!

There were so many beautiful moments in this session, but I really enjoyed this series and wanted to share... I hope you enjoy! :)

ok.. I'll share...


a little love...

and now MEEEEE!
Okay Minnie! I say.. Let's get your own shoot going... :)

Aaah! Me likey!!!

Oh! these two are going to be just fine... :)


Talia said...

Haha, pretty sure that's how our puppy-Pepper is going to feel when my husband and I have a baby!!

She always has her own photo shoots... :-P

I love the last picture. beautiful and serene.

Letti said...

What an adorable baby. I love that pictures slow down time even if just for a moment. Great work Gina. Now if I can only slow it down for real.