Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet the Quanbeck's ;)

and meet the two little Quanbeck's... John and Ella...

John insisted the man with the yellow hat was somewhere in the bushes, or in the trees, or around the corner...Or..... ;)

We made every attempt to find him, but with no luck. We did get some fun family portraits in the meantime.. ;) Thanks John for our little journey together...I am sure he was waiting for you when you arrived home.. :)

and Ella was pretty content just watching her brother search for the Man... Ha....
I had a blast guys... thanks for the fun adventure, and hope to do it again real soon.. ;)

And a big thank you to Daniel Elgan for coming along and second shooting with me and helping me TRY to find the man with the yellow hat.. :)


Debra said...

You are amazing! We never found the Man and apparently now are trying to hunt down Santa. Thanks for the great photos. We cannot wait to do it again.

Googies Girl said...

Your photos capture so much emotion it's just breathtaking. You are so very talented & inspire me every single time I visit here!!! I dream of taking such beautiful pics!!