Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy days are here....

Happy Birthday's that is.......
Guess who is turning six today? and guess who wishes he was turning 26 today? ha!!!!

just kidding love... :)

Happy Birthday Chris and Madeleine!!!!! Have a wonderful, wonderful day... :)

now, off to the all day celebration with the people I love the most... :)

aaaaaaah! where has the time gone??? just lost a front tooth...

yes dear.. make the ball fear you!!!!!

okay Madeleine.. you are 6 now.. you can give brother a noogie.. ;)

a little higher dad! It's your birthday!

silly helmet cover... :)

oh! you know you love me... ;)


darcie said...

They share a birthday? How special! And what FABU pics of your family!
love it!

Letti said...

Happy Birthday to both of them. I am sure that you have something amazing in store for them today. I can't wait to hear what it is.