Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you want to be my FACE friend?

okay.. I feel a little silly asking, but this is so much fun... the book of many faces...I did sign up about year ago, never did anything with it, but back when we had our "get tha' funk out" weekend, Jo introduced it to me all over again.. ever since.. addicted!!!..... another way to get up to date on what I am doing without a long post here...

I though my space would be cool, but facebook is so much better... clean, simple,and not all those ads and busy overdone wallpapers thrown in your face... my kind of network!... anyhoo!... so, c'mon over, look me up and be my friend... :)
click here

now, off to go hopscotch with my kids with fun 3-D chalk.. Happy Monday....

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