Monday, August 16, 2010

Twenty Years later...............

and we all meet we again... :)

I just celebrated my 20th High school reunion... and I will say, I was a bit nervous seeing everybody... can you blame me?.. It's only been like twenty years... Yikes... But so, so excited at the same time... ;)

now, now.. I know we have the ever so popular facebook, and I have caught up with many former classmates there, but something about seeing everybody in person and making a in person connection beats any Fb status ever.. :)

Everybody looked so awesome.. and some, well, quite ageless! a little jealous here..... How did they do that? seriously, How do people look exactly the same, if not better... 20 years later?... just minus the z. cavaricci's, the smell of Drakkar, the hard aqua net big hair, and the local motion decals :) I need to get my hands on that serum.. :)

To all my friends that were there... It was so fun seeing you again after all these years. It was fun chatting about the gool ol' days, and friends that did not make it.. we missed you and wish you were there.. :)
I hope we can stay connected and continue to meet every once in a while.. :)

Here is a little bit of fun from our very own photo booth.

Jenny, thank you so much for all your amazing talent.... we could not have these memories without you.... Big hugs!

CLICK HERE to see more of the FUN!!!!!!

To Shariem, Elena, Amy, Alice, Jenny, Vic, Scott and Andrea.... Thank you so much for all your hard work! what a successful night it was because of you... :)
and to my amazing husband Chris, for all your help throughout the evening.... Thank you, Thank you!!!! I love you so much!!!


Deanna said...

How fun! I love the photobooth idea. My 25th just passed - eep! When did that happen? I swear I was 18 just yesterday!

Mama Sons said...

I LOVE this.. Especially since I too graduated from Colton and I am a photographer ( not as good as you though) we are planning our 10yr right now!! LOVe LOVE LOVE this