Monday, March 15, 2010

I pledge to surrender that cheese!!!

well, we did.. we got all of our attendees to take the pledge...

The Pledge to "never ask my kids to say cheese again"... :) Great, glad that's all taken care of.

Thank you to all of our attendees to making our worksop such a success..., and Big Thank you's to Awesomsauce Joanne for being my partner in crime in hosting this amazing workshop...

It was such a success, we are doing it again.. Stay tuned for additional dates to be announced...

Take a lookey at some of the fun... and some of the great feedback we got...
you guys all rock, and can not wait to see those amazing images popping through those lenses... :)

name tags, so we could all get to know each other better

can't have a photography workshop without cameras...

and more snacks

and goodie bags for all

demonstrating depth of field.. :)
and practice, practice, practice
and our cheesy group picture without the CHEESE!!!!

“Loved the workshop! I am trying to remember all the info, so those pics you sent were helpful. Lots to absorb! My a-ha moment was when I figured out how to “stop” water in a photo.

Loved it and thank you for the great experience! So appreciated your fun and upbeat personalities.:)”

“I had the best time at the workshop and learned so much! I really was scared to even try other setting besides the automatic because I thought I would mess it up and never get it back to the setting I wanted. My pictures look so much better now that I know more. Thank you for everything. On top of all I learned everything was so special and beautiful. I could have took pictures of the tables and the food the whole time it was so pretty. I loved it and If you do it again I will tell my friends and family. Thank you! ”

“I had such a great time on Saturday! You and Gina did a great job! I took a photography class in college and have totally forgotten everything I learned. Saturday was a great refresher for me! I think the big thing I took away from Saturday was to get into M mode! I know that I am capable but, it’s so much easier to just stay in Auto!! Practice, Practice, Practice!!! I would love to come to another class! Please keep me posted!! “AO

“Pretty much the whole workshop was my ah-HA moment!!! But what promoted you guys to rockstar level for me was the whole “bait & switch”!! Loved how we learned to focus on our subject and then move it over a little bit and it blurs the background…genius!!! Loved the iphone info… loved the the live models (wouldn’t mind having a few more and various ages tweens etc.) loved all the tips and suggestions (I now keep my manual in my nightstand can’t believe its written in english ..actual english… not like Ikea furniture instructions I understand what they are saying!!!)
You guys were awesome will take anything you guys put on! Would love some sort of walking tour workshop. My husband and I travel a lot (going to DC for a long St. Patty’s Day weekend!!!) and I can’t stand my pictures looking like a 1970 AAA travel guide! When we don’t have the kids with us its a lot of scenery pics and I would love to enhance them, learn angles…and more.

Thanks for a perfect afternoon can’t wait for the next one!!!”


Ashley O said...

Yes!!! Please have another one!! I will be there for sure!! You girls ROCK!

Corey Sewell said...

Looks like a fun workshop and I love the little mice!

joanne distaso said... rock silly girl! Such fun!

Serena Gene said...

How fun! You guys rock!
BTW those cookies still are the yummiest I've had! mmmm