Monday, January 4, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

How do I eloquently describe my day here?... Hmmmm! PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!

I was given the opportunity to document the team of these wonderful people from Loma Linda acute care Pediatrics dept. as they were going out and giving the spirit of Christmas to some well deserving families over the the Christmas break...
My heart was filled.... :)

Some of these families had never even had Christmas before and some families... well, this may have been their last Christmas... Can you imagine the emotion that struck that day...

I was honored and touched to be asked to go along this journey with them, and one journey I will never forget.. I hope I will able to do this year after year and help bring some joy to more families... Thank you Alane, Kelly and the team of Loma Linda Pediatrics.. You are beautiful!!!! :)

We all started at Alane's house, the director for the Ped's dept and the one who started this many years ago... Her garage was filled with Christmas tree's, decorations, and presents that were bursting out of the garage door.

what I noticed is that the group just got bigger and bigger as the day progressed.. Pretty awesome!!!

and bigger

and bigger

Thank you again!

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Anonymous said...

We were so blessed to have you capture these precious memories of our special children and their families. The pictures are beautiful and will be cherished by all of us.Thank you for your time and your wonderful spirit of giving.