Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Slurpee fun... :)

I remember the days, when getting a Slurpee was a real treat for us kids... It would be a special day, the last day of school, maybe a minimum day or my birthday... We as kids were so excited... My Dad would get his traditional lemon lime gatorade, and we would go straight to the Slurpee machine... fill them up, then take some sips of it, and fill them up again... you know.. we had to get all we could at that one visit... :)

I'm on a quest of capturing those same memories as I had in my own children.. I want them to experience all the fun things that my brothers and I experienced when we were young... and one of those memories was going to the 7-11 and getting a Cola Slurpee... ;) Yum... We were off...

at first taste.. "Mom, this is kinda of spicy" Ha...

Now, they have all kinds of flavors, a new one.. Mango peach.. Hmmmm.) I still love my cola..

I really don't think they cared for the taste at first, but they were so gracious enough to not tell me to my face.. Only whispers to each other and 90% filled cups when we got back in the car.. Ha... :)

then, some tee time.. :)


Bethany said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your creativity? What a FUN shoot!! I'm kinda craving a cherry Slurpee right now!

My dad used to take my sister and I to get Capri Suns when I was a kid. My mom worked nights and there was a tiny little convenience store right around the corner...and they happened to sell Capri Suns individually. I will NEVER forget those moments and to this day get a smile on my face when my kids are drinking one! If only that Little Store (that is actually what it was called!) was still there...that would be one fun shoot with my littles!

Anyway, sorry to get so sidetracked there! I was on a trip down memory lane!! Good for you for preserving the memories and creating new ones! Love it!

Earthy Beginnings said...

your daughter is always styling!! love Ryder's expression in the miniature golf pic, "yeah we are about to bring it!" ha!

ps: hush... thinking of taking the move to CA and if we do you're photographing us!!!

patrice nelson said...

Where is Jack?

I just love, love, love these. Good to have some pics of just the kids hanging out and enjoying life - as they should.