Wednesday, July 16, 2008


When I take photos or have sessions, I really am so blessed to do what I love to do and meet new people and capture the spirit of all these beautiful children and their parents, but sometimes I do get calls and it is not the case for all.

On July 4Th when everyone is celebrating, having BBQ's, spending time with family and loved ones, I get a call from Redlands Community Hospital asking for my services… I can always recognize that phone number every time it comes up.. I know this is not a phone call I ever want to receive, but life has a strange way of testing all of us and I answer and I go..

I belong to a organization called NILMDTS ( Now, I Lay me down to sleep).. .

this is a non profit organization that is a free service to families where their baby will not make it or has passed after birth and as photographers, we go in requested by the parents to come in and honor that child or children by taking heirloom pictures of their little one and with their parents…
If you are a professional photographer and are not involved, I do urge you to become a volunteer.. I think it is the most beautiful gift we can give families during their loss and help in the healing process at the same time. And if you are not a photographer, you can still donate to this wonderful organization by clicking here..
Please stop by, check it out and know that this service is out there to families during a difficult time….


Sam's World said...

Thank you Gina for serving our NILMDTS families. The work you create for them is priceless. You are a real hero!

with warm regard,
Sandy Puc'
Co-founder NILMDTS

Letti said...

WOw that is so powerful. I was watching some of the pictures that were taken and I couldn't even imagine having to go through that. You are doing an amazing thing by helping these families through such a horrible time.

Michelle said...

I remember when you told me that you were going to be going to do a shoot for a family at the hospital I thought how in the world will she be able to do that, emotionally I mean. I still don't know how you do it, but I do understand. It is a precious gift that you give to those families and in such a needed time. You will be blessed for it and probably already are. Keep it up, it's great to give back!!

Googies Girl said...

This is one of my main motivations to become a professional photographer. Having gone through this life changing event myself, I feel I may be able to be of service to families in a difficult time & have a special understanding of what they are experiencing. Thank you for the work you do for NILMDTS. It is a priceless treasure for these devastated & heartbroken families.

Anonymous said...

thank you for taking time out to give parents a gift of the only professional pictures they will have of their child. im a nicu nurse and i have helped in a few sessions and its just amazing the work that is volunteered. thank you christie