Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you....

really, thank you...To be honest, I knew there was a few people that are my local readers.. Michelle, My #1 fan and best friend. Emily, a new and dear friend, some readers from Matt's blog and a couple others.. but honestly, I really did not know you were all out there... Thank you for your kind comments and very nice e-mails.. I really do appreciate all of you. It does make me feel good that you are lurking and do take an interest in me and my work.. thank you!!!!

The winner will be selected sometime on Tuesday and I think I will need my 2 year old little guy to help me to make it fair... up and down.. up and down.. ;) we will see how that goes..Should be interesting... or maybe we should put names in a hat.. any ideas out there to make it fair and fun???

I would like to thank all of you that have ordered your jewelry. I will work on that at the beginning of the week and get that out to you as soon as possible... I promise.. You will love it.. :) and to those that are interested, shoot me an e-mail and I will get a price list out to you..

I am off to second shoot a wedding with a friend today (Sunday). so I will get to all your e-mails the first part of the week...

again, thank you for all the love you have sent, and like I said.. I do appreciate all of you...Love to all my new friends!!!


Letti said...

Gina I am glad that you have such a big fan base. I click on your blog many times a day hoping to see new stuff or even just to look at what I have already seen.

Michelle said...

I second that Letti! :)

I think Ryder would do better with the names in a hat. Just remind him before he picks that I got him the cool trian for his bday!! :)

gina lee ~ said...

thanks gals...good idea Michelle.. I will use the hat.. I will keep the train gift in mind.. Wink! wink!
letti, I love your blog just the same.. always good stuff..