Saturday, April 5, 2008

Project childhood

April: Child abuse awareness month.
Let's make a difference.....

A project that is near and dear to me.. I urge all photographers to check out this amazing site. A great way to give back, and also get back as well... and not just by the means of all the great prizes that can be won, but the real bonus is knowing that you have given back to your community in some way and feel it in your heart. check it out! project childhood


Daniel, Emily, Olivia, and the critters said...

Very there any way non-photogs be involved?

gina lee ~ said...

yes, of course.... there are many ways to get involved. to enter for the prize package, you just have to follow the contest rules and there are so many organizations to get involved with, share your stories with us and send them to Chris. he would love to hear about it. and send in pictures with kids with cameras... we love those...;)