Monday, April 7, 2008

My high jumper

Another little high jumper on board....what was so special about this session is when I arrived and met the family at one of my secret locations. Sshh!!!, I honestly did not think these kids would remember me. It had been a while since our last shoot.
To my surprise, both kids ran into my arms and gave me the biggest hugs ever. It really made my day that they had remembered me from so long ago. Thanks guys... Here is a small sneak peek. Little brother and family will be on the next post. This session was so fun, I have to break it up into two parts. ;) Enjoy!!!


marie said...

Hi Gina:)
these look like they could be in a catalogue....beautiful.

10-6 MOM said...

This girl is so adorable. What a beauty. Great job (as always) Gina.