Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ryder turns the BIG "2"

Dear Ryder,
O my goodness, where does the time go, my little man?.. You turned two today, and it seems like you were just in my arms as I was rocking you to sleep just weeks ago… You have grown so much and have quite a little adventurous soul… you love to be outside whether it is raining, snowing ( it has snowed in Redlands) or just a beautiful day outside, and why not... you are really into your trains right now and every time you see a ball around you have to pick it up and just throw it for a little bit of ball action… You say just a few words now. Your sister Madeleine was not talking until almost 3 and wow, I was a little worried a bit, but listen to her now.. See! worried??? not really... :). But I am looking forward to getting to listen to all the new words you will learn this year and putting them together to make some sentences to us, like "I love you mommy".. But even though you do not quite say it with words, I sure do feel it and know when you you do reach out for me and just smile or cry. I know exactly what you are saying. ;)

You sure do love the water, and taking your baths. Not many kids really look forward to bath time. But whenever I say “Ryder it’s bath time, you run to the laundry room, so anxious to get your towel and head into the bathroom. You get so anxious, you want to go in fully clothed or not…
and for being just 2, you sure are so affectionate with others, sometimes a little shy. But once you warm up. You are just the most gentle soul. It just melts my heart...

And boy. Oh boy.. you sure do love the word “no”.. Yikes… especially when we are trying to get you off of your paci.. but oh well. That will come in due time..
I love you my little guy and have loved spending every minute with you these 2 years.. and I look forward to spending the next year documenting everything you will be doing this year…looking forward to seeing what this year has in store for you, us and as a family. I love you with all my heart and soul my little guy . Happy Birthday,
Love, MOM


Michelle said...

Happy birthday Ryder!! Christian say's that he has a special train for you because he understands the train thing!! :) Love you!!

jodistaso said...

Happy Birthday Ryder! Your mom is so awesome and I had such a blast with her in Las Vegas. Gina...I am so glad you went and feel very blessed to have you in my life!
Love you much!

Letti said...

Happy Birthday Ryder. That was a very sweet letter to your son Gina.

10-6 MOM said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ryder.
Joey & Jacob look forward to kicking the soccer ball around with you. And Queenie...YOU ARE SOOO THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO.


Mary Kelting said...

Happy Belated B-Day little Ryder... what a special mom you have to write you such a BEAUTIFUL note!! Gina - it was so great to meet you. I really look forward to spending more time with you and the photog gals!!!
Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a Happy Easter weekend!