Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love : The wedding | Redlands Photographer

When I was asked to document Kym and David's wedding, I was beyond thrilled... and even more excited when the day finally arrived... It was beautiful, loving, magical and all around just a great, beautiful day...

I hope I did them proud with the imagery... :)
Enjoy the sneak peek.. :)

Them baggy sweat pants
And the Reeboks with the straps [With the straps]
She turned around and gave that big booty a smack [Ayy]
She hit the flo [She hit the flo]
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low

you go girls.... :) and thank you to Stephany and Jenny, my photographic partners in crime for helping me make this day a huge success with all their help... you girls rock!!! :)


Kym Smith Edmonds said...

Proud is an understatement! We are elated and you have more than exceeded our expectations! You continually amaze me with your gift! I love Gina Lee! :)

Michelle Johnson said...

Gina, you did a lovley job on this wedding. I hope you enjoyed it. The photos are gorgeous.

John Green said...

Beautiful Photo's, Thanks for sharing